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DRDP: School Readiness Assessment Tool

preschool-hands-drdp-school-readiness-assessment-toolDRDP: Desired Results for Children and Families

How important is Kindergarten readiness?

We have learned a tremendous amount about how important kindergarten readiness is. There are a variety of skills that children need to have in order to make a successful transition to TK or traditional kindergarten. School readiness is a key indicator in determining a child’s eventual academic success. DRDP: School Readiness Assessment Tool

Kindergarten readiness observation is an invaluable tool as students enter TK-12 system, school readiness is a critical data point in student trajectory.

• Focusing on student needs early is key

• Approaching student success historically, across learning and developmental domains is also key

Five Basic Building Blocks of Readiness for Kindergarten

  1. Self Care & Motor Skills

2. Self Regulation

3. Social and Emotional Skills

4. Academic Skills

5. Mathematics

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preschool-kids-drdp-school-readiness-assessment-toolWhy Kindergarten Readiness Matters

Early, timely data on students is important to providing a continuum of support and resources, starting in TK and K.

• Need valid, reliable tool alignment with Early Learning Foundations

• Value of assessing social-emotional development

• Understanding/implementing the recent changes in K-12 standards and assessments is challenging but the gains are valuable

DRDP Is A Powerful Tool

The DRDP: School Readness Assessment Tool paints a holistic picture of where children are as they are leaving 0-5 experience and where they need to be as they move into K-12.

The DRDP IS A Tool For Communication

Traditionally there has been a separation between the world of preschool educators and TK to 3rd grade elementary teachers. The DRDP: School Readiness Assessment Tool provides a great opportunity for facilitating increased communication between those two worlds that have previously been separated. The DRDP can provide a “warm handoff” as the children are transitioning from preschool to kindergarten. This results in a much more integrated approach as the children enter their early elementary years.

Ready Children, Ready Families, Ready Schools, Ready Communities

The DRDP does a great job of helping us know that kids are ready and helping our schools be ready to receive those ready children.


preschool-music-drdp-school-readiness-assessment-toolEarly childhood music education addresses the following categories under the DRDP:

• Social Emotional Development
• English Language Development
• Cognition
• Language Development
• Gross Motor
• Fine Motor
• Music and Movement