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How To Teach Preschool Music Groups

by Nick Young

I have been teaching preschool music classes for over 20 years. Now, I am ready to share the secrets of teaching preschool music. Let’s get started!

Learn How To Teach Preschool Music Groups

First; Your Approach

how-to-teach-preschool-musicYou must have the right energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to what you are presenting. The children pick up on your energy and if you’re excited and having fun, they will be too.

Second; Class Management Techniques

Preschool music is interactive and action-packed. It presents very specific class management challenges. In order for the children to be safe while they’re moving and interacting, they need to have specific boundaries and limits in place. Here is a link to my Complete Guide to Preschool Music Class Management: Click Here

Finally; Curriculum

Preschool music curriculum must be interactive and involve physical movement.Let Me Hear The Music Song Card back Preschoolers learn through play and music is the ideal arenafor this. The old classic preschool songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in The Itsy-Bitsy Spider are fine to get started, but you need to quickly move on to songs that involve crawling like a spider, flying like a bird, hopping like a frog, riding on a train and more if you want to keep their attention and interest.


I have been developing my preschool music program for over 20 years and have created many, many songs and activities that make teaching preschool music easy for all teachers. If you’d like to do use some of my material, please take advantage of the free membership on my site. Go to and click on “free membership” to access four complete preschool music song activities and get started teaching preschool music! Learn More