Interactive Music and Movement

Welcome to PlayMotion Music!

PlayMotion Music is an Interactive Music and Movement Program that gives Preschool Teachers and Parents the power to Teach Preschool Music. Stream the audio and video from your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer and classroom smart board or get hard copies of our CDs, DVDs and Song Cards.

Are you ready to bring preschool music and movement into your classroom?

Teacher Training Videos

(streaming & DVD)

Each song, story and rhythm game in the curriculum has a corresponding video that guides teachers step by step with interactive and imaginative movements and choreography.

Teachers model the movements along with the audio tracks inspiring students to interact with the preschool music and movement activities. This powerful combination creates lively, interactive and enriching music groups.

Audio Tracks (streaming, download & CD)

Song Cards give Step by step instructions for each song

11” by 17” full color cards with instructive artwork and song title on one side and lyrics and step by step teacher instructions on the other. One for each preschool music and movement song and activity in the curriculum.

Rhythm Sound Cards

Children learn to read and play music notes with Rhythm Sound Cards and Rhythm Games included in each PlayMotion Music Module. Music note reading improves children’s pre literacy skills.

We Make Teaching Preschool Music Fun & Easy

Now teachers can lead preschool music and movement groups just like 25 year, early childhood music educator and owner of the Young Music Company Nick Young. Match the the 12 themed modules to your monthly classroom curriculum.

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