Music Education Enhances Development in the Areas of…

DRDP Birth to 5

Self Regulation
Attention Maintenance
Purposeful Movement
Engagement and Persistence
Shared Use of Space and Materials
Relationships and Social Interactions with Adults and Peers
Cooperation with Adults and Peers
Spacial Relationships
Language and Literacy Development
Social Emotional Development

English Language Development

Gross Motor Manipulative Skills
Gross Locomotor Movement Skills
Fine Motor Manipulative Skills

Performing Arts: Music, Drama and Dance



Gross and Fine Motor Skills
Active Physical Play
Music and Movement
Dramatic Play
Staff-Child Interactions

Interactions Among Children


Social Emotional Development

English Language Development

Language Development

Performing Arts

Physical Development



A secure, supportive base for children’s learning and exploration

Helps children develop language and cognitive skills

Environments and experiences that help children develop their abilities
Positive Climate
Behavior Guidance
Language Modeling

Creative Curriculum

Musical concepts and expression

Dance and movement concepts

Cooperative and constructive group situations

Phonological awareness