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Preschool Ideas for Music and Movement

preschool-ideas-for-music-and-movementAs an early childhood educator, you know the benefits of making music a part of your regular classroom curriculum. Unfortunately, many teachers are struggling with preschool ideas for music and movement.

I began my career as a classroom preschool teacher before specializing in music and movement. After 20 years of teaching music in preschools, I am ready to share my preschool ideas for music and movement, curriculum and experience with you.

Two Types of Songs for Preschool Music & Movement

I use two types of interactive songs in my music groups; directed movement and imaginative movement. Directed movement songs are songs that tell you, in the lyrics, exactly how to move your body. Click this link to get signed up with a FREE membership to PlayMotion Music™ and access four complete preschool music and movement activities!

Imaginative movement songs give suggestions, but they allow the children to interpret how they will move. Click here to get free access! It is a good idea to have a mix of both kinds of songs in your preschool movement and music program.

Class Management for Preschool Music and Movement Time

Imaginative movement song the children are allowed to move their bodies around the group space as they crawl like spider, hop like frogs, fly like super kids and drive their race cars.  Here’s a great class management tool for imaginative movement songs; the Invisible Bubble. You can learn all about how to use this tool and many others in “Nick Young’s Ultimate Guide to Class Management for Early Childhood Music Groups” Click here for my guide to Music Time Class Management.

Preschool Ideas for Music and Movement

To get you started with some ideas for preschool music and movement, you can access four complete preschool movement songs with audio, teacher training videos and song cards to give you everything you need to start music and movement in your preschool classroom. Click Here