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Preschool Music Activities with Instruments

Rhythm Sounds

Nick Young here, It’s instrument time in preschool music class. One of my favorite Preschool Music Activities with Instruments is Rhythm Sounds. Let’s learn how to teach children to read and play music notes. It fun and easy!

Children Learn How To Read and Play Music Notes

One of my favorite preschool music activities with instruments is rhythm sounds. We use special notecards that have the notes for children to learn to read and play on their instruments. We use quarter notes, half notes, eight notes and 16th notes, but we call them by different names.The quarter note is called Ta the eighth notes are called Ti-Ti. The 16th notes are called digidigi and the half note it’s called To-o. Each card has a different rhythm sound printed on it and we can arrange and rearrange the cards in different orders to create different rhythms.

There’re many fun games to play in the preschool music group with the rhythm sounds. Start out by introducing Ta.Ta preschool music activities with instruments Have the children play the sound Ta with you over and over again wit their instruments. Then introduced Ti-TiTi-ti preschool music activities with instruments and have the children play along with you. Then put Ti-Ti and ta together. Have the children play the two sounds over and over.

That’s enough to tackle in the first lesson. To learn more rhythm sound games for your preschool music class, subscribe to play motion music you can even sign up for a Trial Membership and try it for free!

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