Preschool Music Curriculum

The PlayMotion Music System© is an Interactive Music Program for Preschools that gives non musician teachers an intuitive and easy way to use Preschool Music Curriculum. We put our creative and stimulating kids music and movement program in your hands with our DVD’s, CD’s, Song Cards and step-by-step instructions.

With 16 modules of curriculum we have a theme that will match your classroom focus for any month of the year. Just select the module of preschool music curriculum that fits your needs.

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Interactive Music Class CD’s

Each module includes a full 30 minute music group including up to 11 interactive songs and stories. Available in hard copy or digital download and streaming. All new every month!


Song Cards

11” by 17” full color cards with theme artwork and song title on one side and lyrics and step by step teacher instructions on the other. One for each track on the CD and DVD.


Rhythm Sound Cards 

Music Notation Materials: Custom teaching materials for teaching musical notation to young children the fun and easy way.



Step By Step Video DVD’s

Available in hard copy or digital download and streaming, contains a full 30 minute music group including up to 11 interactive songs and stories.


Instrument Time

Pass out the drums, shakers, scrapers, bells and triangles and let us hear the music! The children learn to read and play music notes with rhythm games using the included Rhythm Sound Cards and the the instruments tell a story about a bird, frog and crocodile.


16 Modules of Curriculum To Choose From!

Each module contains 11 interactive songs, stories andrhythm games. Each song and activity comes with a teacher training video, an illustrated Song Card and an interactive audio track. The CD, DVD and Rhythm Sound Cards are stored in handy pouches on the front of the sturdy 11 X 17 Song Card book. The illustrated Song Cards include step-by-step instructions that guide teachers as they present the music to their students.

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Live Support & Training 

Schedule phone, Skype or in person sessions with Nick Young to answer specific questions, receive guidance and create the best possible music experience for the children in your school.

California Preschool Guidelines

This program covers many of the California Preschool Program Guidelines such as: promoting physical well-being and motor development, promoting positive social and emotional development, fostering language development, instilling cognitive development and of course visual and performing arts.

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