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Preschool Music Lesson Plans

preschool music education

In search of preschool music lesson plans? You’ve come to the right place! I have been teaching preschool music for 25 years. Now I’m giving you my preschool music lesson plans, step by step, teacher training videos, big color song cards that put everything you need at your fingertips, audio tracks with me singing and playing the guitar to lead the groups and special Rhythm Sound teaching materials.

Online Videospreschool-music-lesson-plans

I’ve been training teachers to teach preschool music for decades. I used to have the teachers come to my music classes in preschools to learn how to do what I do. Now I’ve taken everything and put it on videos for you to stream online.

Song Cardspreschool-music-lesson-plans-song-card

My custom song cards are great for teachers to reference while leading the music group with their students. The song cards give you special instructions on how to lead that particular song or activity, how to introduce the song and the song lyrics. All at your fingertips.

Audio Tracks

Once you have learned the movements by watching the training videos, you are ready to lead the group. Get the children ready in the group space and start the audio tracks. You can stream the songs from your smart phone, tablet desktop computer, Smartboard, Apple TV or any internet connected devise.

Preschool Music Lesson Planspreschool-music-lesson-plans-kids

Get started right away bringing quality, interactive music into your preschool classroom. All the songs, stories and games have been tried and tested in real world preschool classrooms over decades of early childhood music teaching. My preschool music lesson plans are engaging, interactive, fun and enriching.

Preschool Standards

PlayMotion Music helps classrooms to be in alignment important preschool standards such as:


• Social Emotional Development
• English Language Development
• Cognition
• Language Development
• Gross Motor
• Fine Motor
• Music an Movement


• Fine Motor
• Music/Movement
• Staff-Child Interactions
• Interactions Among Children


• Social Emotional Development
• English Language Development
• Language Development
• Performing Arts
• Physical Development


• A secure, supportive base for children’s learning and exploration
• Helps children develop language and cognitive skills
• Environments and experiences that help children develop their abilities

Creative Curriculum

• Musical concepts and expression
• Dance and movement concepts
• Cooperative and constructive group situations
• Phonological awareness

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