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Preschool Music and Movement Activities Part 1

Preschool Music and Movement Activities Part 1preschool-music-and-movement-activities-nick-young

Nick Young here. I’ve been a preschool music teacher for over 20 years. I am the creator of the Young Music Company mobile preschool music school. Over the last two decades I have been perfecting my approach to preschool music and movement activities. Now I am ready to share some of my best preschool music and movement activities with you.

Tips for An Effective Preschool Music Time

A little preparation goes a long way. Make sure you are familiar with the material before you introduce it to the children. Watch the video below to learn the movements that you will be modeling with the children.

Attitude is everything. Your attitude should broadcast that you are excited and fully engaged with what you are presenting to the children. They will pick up on your energy and follow your example.

Create a flow of activities. Once you start the music time, don’t pause between activities. One should flow into the next so that the children don’t have a chance to become distracted.

Directed Movement

This song is what I call a directed movement song because the lyrics of the song tell the children exactly how to move their bodies.


Shake Shake Shake Your Hands

Shake Your Hands Audio:


Shake, Shake, Shake Your Hands

Instructions: Have the children sit on the edge of the rug facing toward the center. Join the children in the group either on the floor or in a chair. Have your CD player within reach. Tell the children “All right friends, we are going start by shaking our hands.” Shake your hands to demonstrate. Start the audio. Go through the activities with the children as directed by the audio.

Intro: It’s time for a song about shaking your hands. Show me how you shake, shake, shake your hands right now!

Lyrics: chords: A E A D E A
Shake, shake, shake your hands x3
Now get up its time to stand
Jump, jump, jump so high x3
You can almost touch the sky
Jump and clap, jump and clap x3
Now your feet go tap, tap, tap
Stretch, stretch, stretch up high x3
Wiggle your fingers far and wide

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