Preschool Songs About Fitness and Exercise

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Exercise is fun when you tap your toes, hop on one foot, move like an ocean animal and fly like a super kid with these preschool songs about fitness and exercise! Transform into a growing tree and dance an African song. Then it’s instrument time! Pass out the shakers, scrapers, bells, triangles and drums. Play songs, music rhythms, tell a story about a grouchy monster in the forest and show us the colors that you are wearing. Includes a teacher training video DVD, interactive music CD, Rhythm Sound cards and a full color, spiral bound 11″ X 17″ song card book with illustrations and step-by-step instructions that guide teachers as they present preschool songs about fitness and exercise for their students. The CD, DVD and Rhythm Sound Cards are stored in handy pouches on the front cover. For use with Grades PreK-2.

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The children will enjoy hopping on one foot, crawling like a crab, flying like a super kid, pushups, squats and more with these preschool songs about fitness and exercise!

The children will also learn to play shakers, scrapers, bells, drums and triangles. They will use the instruments to play rhythms and tell a story about a grouchy monster in the forest who learns to be friendly when the children invite him to their picnic.

Included in this music module:

11 Interactive Teacher Training Videos

11 Interactive Classroom Audio Tracks

11 Instructive and Informative Song Cards

…and Step By Step Instructions to make your music groups the best they can be!


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