Module #3: Nutrition & Movement


In this module children learn the importance of healthy food choices and how nutrition impacts their energy and physical development.

The children will consider questions about food choices; “How do I feel when I eat unhealthy food? Does it give me energy to hike up a mountain? How do I feel when I eat nutritious food?”

The children will continue to develop their musical skills and understanding by reading and playing rhythm combinations on the hand percussion instruments.

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Aspects of development addressed in this module:

• Self Regulation
• Attention Maintenance
• Imitation
• Purposeful Movement
• Engagement and Persistence
• Shared Use of Space and Materials
• Phonological awareness
• Cooperation with Adults and Peers
• Spacial Relationships
• Language and Literacy Development • Social Emotional Development
• English Language Development
• Cognition
• Gross Motor Manipulative Skills
• Gross Locomotor Movement Skills
• Fine Motor Manipulative Skills
• Performing Arts: Music, Drama/Dance • Musical concepts and expression

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