Songs About Transportation

Transportation Theme Songs for Preschool

Call and response, directed movement and imaginative movement: children will be exploring all the ways that we get around our world. With these transportation theme songs for preschool children will be sailing, swimming, hot air ballooning, running, flying in an airplane, riding in an elevator and driving a tractor.

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Rhythm Games

The children will be using the hand percussion instruments to accompany songs, play rhythms and tell stories.

Enhance Your Transportation Unit

By combining this interactive music with all the great images, art projects, word games, snake time activities, outdoor activities and circle time discussions you will be adding a rich new dimension to your yearly Transportation Theme Unit.

Transportation Theme Circle Time Activities

Turn your circle time into an interactive music and movement transportation theme extravaganza! The children will be flying in outer space, sailing on the ocean, flying a plane, driving in a car, riding on a surf board, flying in the sky as a hot air balloon, going on adventures and more.

Interactive Music Takes Your Transportation Theme to a New Level

By engaging children with the learning power of interactive, play centered music and movement you will be engaging them physically, auditorily, imaginatively, conceptually and viserrealy with the subject of transportation.  In this way you will be profoundly deepening their experience of the subject matter. When children move their bodies around the group space as different modes of transportation they will also be getting healthy exercise and expending excess energy. This will prepare them to focus on the other, perhaps more sedentary activities that they will be enjoying later in their day.

Aspects of development addressed in this module:

  • Self Regulation
  • Attention Maintenance
  • Purposeful Movement
  • Engagement and Persistence
  • Shared Use of Space and Materials
  • Relationships and Social Interactions with Adults and Peers
  • Cooperation with Adults and Peers
  • Spacial Relationships
  • Language and Literacy Development
  • Social Emotional Development
  • English Language Development
  • Cognition
  • Gross Motor Manipulative Skills
  • Gross Locomotor Movement Skills
  • Fine Motor Manipulative Skills
  • Performing Arts: Music, Drama/Dance