Songs for Teaching Children About Nutrition and Movement

These songs for teaching children about nutrition and movement teach children the importance of healthy food choices and how nutrition impacts their energy and physical development.

The children will consider questions about food choices; “How do I feel when I eat unhealthy food? Does it give me energy to hike up a mountain? How do I feel when I eat nutritious food?”

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A Deeper Level of Understanding

Children internalise information at a deeper level when they experience it through music and movement. In this multi media curriculum module about songs for teaching children about nutrition and movement children will be moving, imagining and singing about subjects that impact their health choices every day. Children retain nearly 1oo% of the information that they receive in this way as opposed to when they passively see or hear the same information.

Teachers Get in on the Act

Your role when presenting this material to your students is anything but passive. You will be modeling the movements along with the children as you move and interact with these high energy and engaging songs, stories and rhythms games. In this way you will be creating a more profound impact on the children’s understanding of these vital concepts. As a bonus, you will be creating positive interactions between you and your students.

Music Note Reading Games

The children will continue to develop their musical skills and understanding by reading and playing rhythm combinations on the hand percussion instruments.

Developmental Perspectives on Nutrition and Obesity

Developmental Perspectives on Nutrition and Obesity From Gestation to Adolescence

Aspects of development addressed in this module:

• Self Regulation
• Attention Maintenance
• Imitation
• Purposeful Movement
• Engagement and Persistence
• Shared Use of Space and Materials
• Phonological awareness
• Cooperation with Adults and Peers
• Spacial Relationships
• Language and Literacy Development • Social Emotional Development
• English Language Development
• Cognition
• Gross Motor Manipulative Skills
• Gross Locomotor Movement Skills
• Fine Motor Manipulative Skills
• Performing Arts: Music, Drama/Dance • Musical concepts and expression