Songs For Teaching Children Fitness & Exercise

Interactive music and movement, musical storytelling and rhythm games come together to use songs for teaching children fitness and exercise.

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Songs For Teaching Children Fitness & Exercise

This multi media curriculum module taps into the power of music by using songs for teaching children fitness and exercise. The children will enjoy hopping on one foot, crawling like a crab, flying like a super kid, pushups, squats and more.

The children will learn to play shakers, scrapers, bells, drums and triangles. They will use the instruments to play rhythms and tell a story about a grouchy monster in the forest who learns to be friendly when the children invite him to their picnic.

Engaging and Highly Energetic Songs

These engaging and highly energetic songs prompt children with specific movement instructions, built right into the lyrics of the song, to make movement and exercise a joy. As a teacher or a parent you will want to be moving right along with the children, there by creating positive interactions and positive associations with exercise as something that they enjoy sharing with their teachers, parents and peers.

Easy to Access Online or in Hard Copy

Stream the audio, video and song cards right from your internet connected TV, smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. HArd copies including CDs and DVDs are also available.

Science Show the Benefits of interactive Music and Movement on Children’s Health

Scientific studies show the benefit of interactive dance games on children’s health.

Aspects of development addressed in this module:

    • Physical Development
    • Interactions Among Children
    • Music and Movement
    • Purposeful Movement
    • Engagement and Persistence
    • Shared Use of Space and Materials
    • Relationships and Social Interactions with Adults and Peers
    • Cooperation with Adults and Peers
    • Spacial Relationships
    • Language and Literacy Development
    • Social Emotional Development
    • English Language Development
    • Cognition
    • Gross Motor Manipulative Skills
    • Gross Locomotor Movement Skills
    • Fine Motor Manipulative Skills
    • Performing Arts: Music, Drama/Dance