Songs About: Move & Dance In Creative Ways

Interactive Songs for Kids To Dance to at School  

Hip Hop Jen is in the house with her high energy and interactive Kids Dance Party! Teachers are always looking for songs for kids to dance to at school. In this module we use fun dance beats and catchy rhythms to get everyone up and DANCINGTeachers and students alike will have a blast as they learn easy to follow along dance choreography to Hip Hop Jen’s high energy dance music. These songs combine catchy beats with interactive elements like imaginative movement and directed movement

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Interactive, Group Dance Activities

Dance gives children a chance to express their feelings and investigate ideas about their known and unknown world. Dance motivates and enhances young children’s desire to learn. Dance has an important role in inspiring and improving the whole school environment.

Dance Plays Many Roles

The song lyrics in this curriculum module instruct and inspire children to move and dance in creative ways. They explore social scenarios that are familiar to children. They encourage positive choices. They inspire children to establish themselves as independent people and they encourage children to have fun and not feel limited by shyness or social pressure. 

These songs for kids to dance to at school are perfect for creating a dance party in the classroom and also great for recitals and performances.

Study: Dance, Drama and Music – a Foundation for Education

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Aspects of development addressed in this module:

  • Self Regulation
  • Attention Maintenance
  • Physical Development
  • Purposeful Movement
  • Interactions Among Children
  • Shared Use of Space and Materials
  • Relationships and Social Interactions with Adults and Peers
  • Cooperation with Adults and Peers
  • Spacial Relationships
  • Language and Literacy Development
  • Social Emotional Development
  • Staff-Child Interactions
  • Gross Motor Manipulative Skills
  • Gross Locomotor Movement Skills
  • Fine Motor Manipulative Skills
  • Performing Arts: Music, Drama/Dance