Interactive Music & Movement Curriculum & Teacher Training

PlayMotion Music is an interactive music and movement program that gives teachers the ability to lead enriching and engaging music and movement groups with their students


Our Teacher Training Videos show you how to model the movements to every song and activity. Combine these movements with the Audio Tracks to lead high energy, creative and interactive music groups.

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Guitar and vocals provided by Nick Young will have you and your students jumping, dancing, hopping, clapping, singing and playing as you interact with these enriching songs and activities.

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With instructive artwork on one side and teacher's reference on the other, our 11" x 17" Song Cards keep everything you need at your fingertips including step by step instructions, introduction and song lyrics.

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Each module includes a set of 12 multi colored Rhythm Sound Cards with various music notes that the children learn to read and play on hand percussion instruments. Learning to read and play music notes is an important part of this preschool music and movement curriculum.

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Connect your smart phone, tablet, desktop computer or any internet connected device to you classroom boom box to stream the audio from the website. You can also stream the Teacher Training Videos to refresh your memory before leading the group and view the song cards and lyrics on the go.

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Have questions or need guidance on how to make your music times as enriching, fun and effective as they can be? Nick Young will personally respond to your questions and give you the benefit of his 25 years of preschool music teaching experience. 

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Our preschool music and movement curriculum brings many benefits to children in early childhood including enhanced academic performance, impulse control, exercise, positive interaction, enhanced school readiness and much more.

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Children learn to read and play music notes with our rhythm games and included Rhythm Sound Cards. Reading and playing rhythms is a powerful pre literacy activity and an important part of this preschool music and movement curriculum.

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Children learn and develop through play as they move their bodies in imaginative and creative ways. Crawling like a spider, flying like a super kid, jumping like a frog and riding on a train are just a few of the imaginative movement opportunities included in this curriculum.

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You can lead enriching, interactive music groups.

PlayMotion Music was developed over 25 years of preschool classroom music teaching. This program has been honed and perfected in countless real world teaching environments. 

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 15784 Long Beach, CA 90815


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